Ladder iOS

iOS app icon for Ladder

Ladder was an early-stage startup from Singapore that developed a dating app. Unlike more salacious varieties in this category, Ladder’s hook was a gamified real-time chat service emphasizing scripted and fun interactions.

Participants did not so much chat as they played silly “matching” games to test for compatibility and comity in taste and outlook.

Integrated was a matching algorithm to pair up potential couples based on their profile and playing habits and a marketing engine that monetized and upsold users using a pay-to-play model.

Ladder’s server-side team built the backend web service API, and Ming Fu built the iOS phone app. As is pretty standard for social networking, the app uses a wide range of the phone’s services, including the Camera, Photo Roll, Location Services, and In-App purchases.

The Ladder app is an excellent example of a rich, detailed, and “pixel-perfect” UI design, and Ladder the company expected no less from the implementation.

Building performant and dynamic user interfaces whose geometry adapts to different screen size classes is non-trivial.

Other notable technical attributes include:

1. Ming Fu worked with the server-side team to provide a proper synchronization protocol allowing the app to offer a reliable off-line experience and synchronize on network availability.

2. Ming Fu built on-board  SQLite storage using one of Ming Fu’s stock lightweight toolkits. Sometimes Core Data and other “heavy duty” frameworks are more than what would be needed.

3. The app is written primarily in Swift and some Objective-C.

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