Salto SAS is a Fintech startup based in France. Salto partnered with Ming Fu to build its first offering and bring it to market. The Salto app allows employees to draw advances on their salary on demand ahead of the regular payday.

The system integrates into a company’s payroll system to provide a secure and controlled means for employees to debit a portion of their salary and credit the amount to an electronic wallet.

Salto sells its solution as a service to HR (Human Resources) departments, who enroll employees and manage their participation using a Salto web management portal.

The system comprises three distinct pieces.

  1. Management portal (NodeJS and ReactJS)
  2. Mobile apps (Flutter on Android and iOS)
  3. Backend system, which Salto built.

Ming Fu designed and made the software for the first two.

Having equally capable Android and iOS apps is critical to the Salto strategy, as its service needs to support the full range of phones used by its customer’s employees. Therefore, in a conference with Salto, various cross-platform technologies were considered. Both Salto and Ming Fu favored Flutter.

The resulting apps provide a nearly identical experience across both platforms.

Other notable technical attributes include:

  1. In the mobile apps, a layered architecture emphasizes two principles: “separation of concerns” and “DRY (Don’t repeat yourself).”
  2. Object-oriented modeling of the Salto backend service allows an on-device simulator to stand in for demonstration purposes and to test the user interface’s behavior.
  3. Deployment of the web portal and backend system is in a Kubernetes cluster built on Amazon Web Services.
  4. Ming Fu assisted with the build-out of the network routing and DNS infrastructure that connected the cluster’s private and public IP spaces.

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