Securifi iOS

Logo for Securifi Almond iOS app

Securifi was a Taipei-based startup that grew from a Kickstarter campaign. Its main software development center was in Hyderabad, India. Securifi hired Ming Fu to transform a troubled iOS “proof of concept” into a production-worthy app.

Working closely with their Taiwan and India teams, Ming Fu systematically and carefully refactored the system over eight significant releases. The result was a very reliable and responsive controller for one’s home router, sensors, and actuators.

Written in Objective-C and C, the app has a layered architecture ensuring a clear separation of concerns between low-level subsystems and upper-level user interface.

Subsystems communicate over a small number of serial and parallel dispatch queues, resulting in a highly concurrent and orderly system. Most work is performed off the Main UI thread, ensuring a responsive UI.

Other notable technical attributes include:

  • low-latency persistent TCP networking managed on a dedicated run loop
  • clever and reliable network failure recovery
  • efficient memory management
  • security-minded implementation.

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