Empower Your Startup with
Ming Fu Design

By both revolution and evolution over the past few decades, startups have placed themselves in a competitive world. "Ideas" and "market timing" take on added importance in a global tech economy, where barriers to entry are lower but expectations of product and service are even higher. For Startups, having a technology partner can bring real benefits.

Startups in the seed-funding or expansion-growth stage can significantly benefit by partnering with Ming Fu. How can they benefit? Below are the salient features and benefits outlined.

Benefits of Partnering with Ming Fu

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Startups typically encounter challenges in quickly building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Its success depends on how the MVP goes out into the market and whether investors pick it up to take it to the next level. But many constraints, both in time and funding, can interfere with the best plans and execution. Ming Fu can help by creating better and faster MVPs in constrained or controlled budgets.

Faster Time to Market

One critical element of success is pushing the right product or solution into the desired market faster without compromising quality.

Better Product/Solution Releases

By partnering with Ming Fu, Startups can access and utilize qualified resources that can come up to speed after the conceptual phase and during the actual development phase. Following Agile/Scrum methodologies, Development & QA can complement each other for the desired output.

Optimized Cost & Increased Sales/Marketing Budgets

Ming Fu's long-term relationships and partnerships in India and Taiwan benefit startups materially. Ming Fu can deploy resources with a cap on IT spending. This capability allows our Clients to control or optimize spending by calibrating it with other needs, resulting in increased budget reserves for marketing the product or solution.

Unique Engagement Model — EBBO

Besides the regular engagement models like Fixed Bid or Extended Team Models, Ming Fu offers a unique Engagement model that directly benefits startups. It is Effort Based Billing Only (EBBO).

Ming Fu creates a dedicated team for the Client for a mutually agreed minimum contract period; the Contract can be renewed along with ramp up or ramp down of size based on needs. The best part is, though Ming Fu has dedicated a Team to the Client, Ming Fu only bills for the number of hours utilized. For example, for a dedicated resource who has billed out 80 hours in a month, Ming Fu charges only for 80 hours, not 160 hours customarily done.

The Bigger Picture

Ming Fu's capabilities are like building blocks that our Clients can assemble into solutions for their particular path forward.

Right Combination of Factors

Ming Fu empowers Startups by combining three elements into an effective engine for success:

  1. Skilled resources matching the Client's needs
  2. Mature processes and methodologies
  3. Suitable and feasible technologies

Startups leverage these capabilities to optimize their particular path forward.

Optimizing for Growth and Success

With Ming Fu supporting it as a trusted right-hand partner, a Startup overcomes limitations and gains a competitive power. For example:

  • A lean Startup unable to build an in-house engineering team can add a professional engineering Team from Ming Fu, thereby achieving product development goals faster.
  • Startups lacking expertise in one area can augment their in-house engineering with a Team from Ming Fu.
  • Non-technical Founders can rely on Ming Fu to transform a concept into the actual product.
  • Startups can efficiently allocate capital with Ming Fu's predictable costing.
  • Offloading responsibility to Ming Fu for staffing and product delivery can provide a much-needed "breathing space" for Founders to focus broadly on all the technical and non-technical factors critical to growth.