Ming Fu is a software design service based in Taiwan.

What services does Ming Fu provide?

  • Software and systems architecture and development for mobile, web, and server
  • Product design and prototyping
  • Software maintenance
  • Remote infrastructure management
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Why work with Ming Fu?

  • Ming Fu bridges time zones, language, and cultural sensibilities to offer top-notch engineering and design from Asia.
  • Our principal engineers have many decades combined of engineering and design experience across various problem domains.
  • They are adept at translating concepts and requirements into marketable products that leverage emerging trends in mobile & cloud computing.
  • Our staff can execute on all aspects of a project, from architecture and design, to the nuts and bolts of software development and testing.
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What are Ming Fu's engagement models?

  • Our flexible engagement models are designed to address diverse requirements and budgets.
  • The models range from project based engagements to outsourced development and maintenance services, to staffing of dedicated teams.
  • From consulting to outsourcing, Ming Fu is available for small or large projects, for short or long term engagements.
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Who are Ming Fu's clients?

  • Our clients are businesses and organizations in Australia, Europe, Singapore, Taiwan, and USA.
  • They represent a diverse cross section of industries—from technology start-ups to long established businesses outside of tech.
  • Most were seeking a technology partner who could deliver high-quality solutions, on budget and on time.
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As more and more apps are interoperating with cloud services, having a partner who does Full Stack Development is advantageous. Ming Fu can write your apps, design your web presence, and build your backend cloud services, ensuring all fit together perfectly.