App Development


We design and build top-quality and sustainable software for your business, using cutting-edge technology

App Maintenance


We maintain your software’s performance and security, in sync with your evolving business needs



We manage mission-critical software to ensure minimized downtime, error-free functioning, and tight security

Future-driven and scalable

We help organizations build new bespoke solutions, improve the efficiency of their current systems, and automate their business processes. Whether you’re a bootstrapped startup or an established company — our team can smoothly integrate ourselves into your software development journey.

Mobile Applications

Mobile app development from native Android and iOS to cross-platform frameworks

Web Applications

Modern web apps built with tech stacks such as Microsoft, Java, LAMP, MEAN, and others

Software as a Service

Full-featured and cost-compressed SaaS built from scratch, or we help you bootstrap your existing solution

IoT & Edge Computing

Stay ahead of the game by unlocking the full potential of IoT and AI

Kiosks & Special Purpose

Special-purpose applications and hardware solutions for advertising, commerce, physical access control, and more.

Systems & Architecture

  • Cloud
  • Linux, BSD, Windows
  • FreeBSD, ZFS
  • Distributed Systems
  • JS
  • CSS
  • MVCC
  • C#
  • PF
  • LAMP
  • GO
  • .NET
  • SVG
  • JAVA
  • DART
  • MEAN
  • IOS
  • C
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • ZFS

From idea to software product

The general process for developing a technical solution to a business problem follows the four stages outlined below.

Whether the development process is Agile or Waterfall or some hybrid of the two, our AppDEV service works within the same analysis-planning-implementation framework, adjusting the general principles to the specific process.

Ming Fu can engage with you at any stage, depending on your needs. We build your development TEAM with the requisite skill sets and mix of Architects, Project Managers, and Designers.

Step 1

Discovery & Planning

We start by getting clear on what your software needs to achieve. We’ll also get to know all stakeholders on your side before we officially start the development process.

Step 2

Analysis & Architecture

We start working on high-level architecture and design — a blueprint for the overall solution we will build.

Step 3

Subsystems & Details

From the architecture and design we have created, we start design the individual apps and components — always keeping in mind the larger objectives and business plan.

Step 4

Development & Testing

With plans in hand, engineers on the TEAM implement the solution. The process can be iterative and built around feedback loops that result in numerous short planning-design-implementation cycles.

Let's build something together.

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