We are experienced software developers and designers.

We hail originally from America, Europe, Taiwan, and India. Our principal engineers have held senior engineering and technical leadership positions at firms in America and Europe.

Our company founder worked at content delivery network companies in the United States, where he provided technical leadership during the build out of a distributed streaming video delivery system and a provisioning service, among other projects. He has also been writing iPhone software for seven years.

Our principal web application engineer earned his credentials at media marketing and advertising firms in London, where he built interactive web properties and content management systems, and securities trading systems.

Our principal designer, who is from Taiwan, has crafted interfaces for numerous web sites, eCommerce systems, and mobile applications. With an eye for detail and aesthetics she delivers contemporary and clean designs precisely matched for each product.

All combined, we have decades of experience, and our skills are both refined and deep. We know how to manage projects to meet your expectations for quality and efficiency.

You get the best of both worlds when working with Ming Fu—professional engineering and design at cost effective rates.