Ming Fu helps you bring product to market.

We combine engineering discipline with design creativity to deliver your software solutions.

Software and Systems Design


We build web applications, content management systems, and eCommerce storefronts, as well as brochure web sites, and pay particular attention to performance and scalability.

We generally use the FuelPHP application framework but work with other technologies and languages as needed.

Over the years, we have built up a "war chest" of functionality that allows us to bootstrap new projects efficiently and focus on the unique features of your project.


We write native apps for iOS and Android using Swift, Objective-C, and Java.

Projects have included a mix of stand-alone apps and complete client-server solutions integrating backend business systems, REST web services, and low-level TCP networking, among other requirements.

We are adept at designing architectures that can be ported across platforms and fit into Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).


We build application servers and micro-services utilizing databases, caches, and other systems and have extensive experience with distributed systems and their attendant considerations for performance and reliability.

Much of this work is developed using Java, PHP, and Go. However, our team is experienced in a wide range of technologies and adapts as needed.

Generally speaking, we can take your product requirements and design both the server software and broader architecture in which it operates.


Using low-cost systems like BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi, we develop proofs of concept incorporating sensors and GPIO, as well as cameras and LCD screens. The software is written in C, Python, and Go.

Ming Fu maintains working relationships with software and electrical engineers based in Taipei who develop for Linux and BSD and design circuits for leading companies, as well as with specialists in procurement and manufacturing.

Combined with Ming Fu's strength in software design and engineering, our ensemble of professionals can deliver on your product requirements from concept to manufacturing.

"Peace of Mind" Hosting

Our hosting service frees customers from the time, expense, and anxiety about keeping their web sites and web applications running and secure.

Fully-managed by Ming Fu, it does not offer "cPanels" and other common tools that merely transfer the responsibility of systems administration onto the customer.

Instead, Ming Fu handles software upgrades, SSL certificate provisioning, and backups, as well as performance tuning and security. By doing so, our customers are able to focus on their business.

The service is especially well suited for WordPress sites, which require consistent and active management to ensure reliability and security.

We manage a number of sites and observe the daily probes and attacks from hackers attempting to deface our customers' properties or steal their private information. By applying best-practices and tuning our own counter measures, we mitigate threats and deliver peace of mind to our customers.

"Peace of Mind" Hosting is reliable and competitively priced.

Software Maintenance

Mature and legacy software systems are perfect candidates for outsourcing to Ming Fu. Though such systems provide essential functions and even revenue streams to your business, their on-going maintenance can be satisfied efficiently by our team.

Terms are flexible and can be tailored for fixed budgets or retainer service.

Depending on your needs, Ming Fu can staff the project with part- or full-time developers who progressively take "ownership" for the product and become experts in both its function and codebase. As this knowledge transfer progresses, your in-house staff can be freed up for new R&D initiatives and revenue-generating opportunities.

Remote Infrastructure Management

Ming Fu has a proven track record of managing web servers, mail servers, databases, and distributed and coordinated business systems.

Our RIM services are flexible and affordable. They can be tailored to your specific needs and be scaled from one server to many, from on-demand consulting to 24/7 coverage, and to being fully-managed on your behalf.

We go beyond mere "virtual systems administration" by offering business-minded and IT perspectives that align with your goals for economic efficiency and system reliability. Ming Fu's job is to reduce risk and manage costs on your behalf.

We add value in the following ways:

  • Design systems and deployment topologies
  • Build systems and servers on top of Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and more.
  • Backup and manage your data
  • Work with your staff to devise business continuity and disaster recovery processes
  • Manage software deployments
  • Implement pro-active and automated monitoring
  • Design and implement performance tests

Technology consulting

Product Development

Given all the choices available for technology, Ming Fu can work with you to select the best technology, by weighing technical requirements and business objectives against costs and time-to-market considerations.

Ming Fu then can execute on proofs-of-concepts that demonstrate the viability of the technology and the design.

We add value in the following ways:

  • Assist in technology selection and evaluation
  • Deliver software prototypes demonstrating product viability
  • Utilize inexpensive Internet of Things (IoT) devices

We can transform your concepts into product designs, and from our hub in Taiwan even work with your manufacturing partners to bring them to market.

Engineering Management

For entrepreneurs and small startups who have already outsourced their engineering, Ming Fu offers technical leadership that drives quality and reduces risks.

We add value in the following ways:

  • Assist in product definition and project scoping
  • Implement your process, or introduce one for you
  • Augment or replace "project management" functions
  • Work in the same time zones as the engineers
  • Provide architectural and design expertise

Over the years, we have managed remote engineering groups in China and India on behalf of our customers. We foster open and professional relationships with engineers and work with them to deliver quality solutions.

We sweat the technical details to deliver the solutions you want.